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Personal & Small Business Information Store.

InfoCDB® enables you to easily manage your information.

Store, catalog, find and share your information with ease.

Ideal for Home and Small Business users.

Instantly improve productivity with swift access to task lists and customer data.

An easy to use Small Business CRM with Customer/Contact/Task Management tools, a File store, combined with a Knowledge Base and Password Crypt to store all your other information, providing you with a complete Information and Knowledge Management solution for business or home use.

Simplifies collaboration between colleagues. Invite guests to participate.

Access anytime from anywhere with any Internet connected device.

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'A place for everything,
everything in its place.'
Store information about Customers, Contacts, Suppliers etc.
One central place to store address and contact information.
Record the status of opportunities, prospects, quotations.
Create lists of tasks to help remind you of things to do.
Recording the tasks clears your mind so that you can concentrate on important actions.
Tag your information to make it easier to track. Create your own tags as required.
Create different mailing lists based on tagged criteria to keep your customers updated with your latest offerings.
Share files with colleagues. Access the files securely from anywhere.
Run reports to check on progress of tasks or specific items.
Record discussions with customers/suppliers and actions to be carried out. Allows comments from other users to be attached.
Manage your time.
Show Appointments, holidays, tasks on your Calendar.
Create resource calendars for meeting room availability, etc. (Requires the 'Resources' module.)
A powerful Search function enables you to easily find your important information in InfoCDB, the small business CRM.
High grade security. All connections are encrypted.
Use the Group membership feature to control access to data.
Mark records as Private - only ever accessible by the owner.
Collaborate easily with your colleagues, customers or suppliers.
Use the Password crypt to store login details and passwords for access to other web sites. Passwords are encrypted with your own separate passphrase.

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