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InfoCDB Concept

A place for everything and everything in it's place

Our aim is to provide a tool to help you to be organized, to help you get things done.

We intend InfoCDB to be the place for you to store your data.
There may be some types of data that do need to be 'synced' to another device - telephone numbers to a Smart phone for example, however generally our concept is to keep it simple, and keep the data in InfoCDB.

The data should be accessible from any device that has a browser. We can enable several 'sessions' for each user, so that you can stay logged in from several devices at once.

InfoCDB Support

If you are a customer, you can contact us via email and we aim to respond within 2 hours.
If you have a support contract you can phone us on the number that was provided to you.
Please Note: We don't take BitCoin, or similar.

Blog Entries

Apology: Sign up page error.

Added by: Trevor
Date: 02 July 2018

My apolgies. We seemed to have had a problem with the Trial Account sign-up page not working.

Tablet Improvements

Added by: Trevor
Date: 27/Sep/2015

We have updated the inline editor, tinyMCE, that now allows creation and editing of notes and comments with an Android tablet. This should also work with Apple tablets.

The high 'dpi' (dots per inch) screens now available are causing some problem, as the page can be shown very small. The user can zoom in, but we are looking at ways to automatically size our pages better.

International Characters

Added by: Trevor
Date: 27/Sep/2015

We have made some changes to allow International Characters to be used in more places. In particular Customer and Contact names. However this does not extend to displaying data right to left.


Added by: Trevor
Date: 10/Jan/2015
Updated: 25/Apr/2015

The hack in November 2014 of Sony Pictures and the damage to their IT infrastructure is scary.
It should lead to some significant changes in how you secure your systems and data.

It has been said for sometime that a user id and password pair are insufficiently secure to use as the sole means of controlling access to your important data.
Two factor authentication is now offered by Google and others, but not mandated.
Ease of use seems to equate to 'ease of hacking'

We have always had a limit to the number of failed login attempst. The default is 5, if more than 5 failed login attempts occur, the account is locked.

We will shortly be adding a feature that requires a PIC (Personal Identification Code), User ID and password to access InfoCDB.
The requirement to use a PIC will be an option that you can select on your own login, or can be mandated for all users on your account.

This has now been implemented.

Desktop Diary updated

Added by:Trevor
Date: 05/Aug/2013

At the suggestion of a user we now show 7 days worth of diary entries on the Desktop's small calendar.
The suggestion was submitted at coffee time this morning, and it was implemented by tea time this afternoon.

Over the last couple of months there have been a number of small changes to help improve usability:

  • Allow a user with the 'manager' role to limit write access to a specific note - could be used for company announcements, policies etc.
  • Improvements for Tablet users. The absence of the 'hover' capability that is available with a mouse has been taken into account on some screens. Some more work still required - especially the 'Shared Files' feature.

Using InfoCDB with a Tablet

Added by: Trevor
Date: 19/May/2013

We've been making some changes to ensure InfoCDB works well with a Tablet.

You can select the 'Style Sheet/CSS' file to suit the display your are using. For a Tablet or Smart Phone select the 'mini.css' file from 'My Preferences'. The system may auto detect your devices screen size and set the Style Sheet accordingly. You can override it via 'My Preferences'.

For a laptop there is a Style Sheet with a height of 768px.
The desktop.css file works with a screen of height 840px.

Happy New Year

Added by: Trevor
Date: 01/Jan/2013

With the fireworks exploding outside, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

May 2013 be as good for you as I expect it to be for us!

InfoCDB Development

Added by: Trevor
Date: 03/Dec/2012

InfoCDB is under constant development, with new modules being worked on, and existing features improved all the time. All the development work is carried out on our servers in the office and changes uploaded to the production server once all the tests have been completed, and the changes signed off.

The Diary will shortly have Reminders, and Repeating events are in the pipeline.

One other idea currently being kicked around is an Invoicing module. Send a decent looking PDF invoice to a customer, with a report to produce a single line entry for your accounting package for sales invoiced this month through InfoCDB. Would be an improvement over some of the spreadsheet invoices we receive, which are still open for editing!

If you are keen to see a particular feature, please let us know.