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InfoCDB - Questions and Answers

Q: What are the requirements to use InfoCDB?
A:You do not need to download any program to use InfoCDB, as a web browser is used for access. It has been tested with Firefox 3 and newer, IE7 and newer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.
Also accessible using a Smartphone - auto detection enables some alternative features specifically for a Smartphone.
Works on IE6 (with limitations) if you still have to use that, but IE6 is not supported.
You must have cookies and Javascript enabled.
Q: How do you pronounce InfoCDB.
A:InfoCDB is pronounced 'InfoCee-Dee-Bee'.
Q: What are Cookies used for?
A: InfoCDB only uses a cookie as part of the authentication scheme. This is a 'session' cookie and has a limited lifetime, it is only valid while you are logged in. It will be removed from your browser when you log out.
Q: Why does the back button not always work?
A: InfoCDB is a web application - not just a web site.
It is also a multi-user application - other people in your account could have changed the data to be displayed, so getting data from your browser's cache could display old data.
We use Ajax and Javascript to provide a smoother user experience. Ajax itself impacts on the use of the back button.
There is also the need to avoid sensitive information being displayed to anyone who could use your browser's back button after you have logged out.
Q: How secure is my data?
A: We are very careful about the security of your data on our systems.
InfoCDB runs on secure web servers - all connections between your browser and our servers are encrypted, using an https:// URL just the same as an Internet Banking application.
All connections between our servers are encrypted. Backup data is transferred using encrypted connections.
All passwords are stored in our databases as a 'salted' cryptographic hash value of the original password, using the 'bcrypt' algorithm. Your original password is not stored anywhere in our databases.
We do not store ANY credit card information on Internet accessible servers.
It is our policy to use dedicated hardware located in European Data centres. Your data is not part of some amorphous 'cloud'.
Our servers use hard disks in a RAID configuration to be able to keep working in the event of any disk failing.
The data is also stored on encrypted partitions, so if a disk were removed your data still cannot be read without knowing the passphrase.
Data centre staff do not have log-in access to our servers, and do not know the passphrases for the encrypted partitions, which are not stored on the servers themselves.
Q: IPR and data rights.
A: All rights to the application are owned by InfoCentrality Ltd.
All rights to the data you store on InfoCDB remain with the owner.
Q: Is my Data Backed Up?
A:Yes, we back up your data to separate systems twice a day.
In addition, we use 'replicated' database servers, so your data is copied automatically to a second database server in real time.
Additionally, we usually provide an 'Archive' button that only marks that record as not visible. It still remains on disk. A Trash can feature will soon be available to enable the recovery of 'Archived' data.
Q: What if I choose to leave InfoCDB and want my data?
A:If you choose not to renew the subscription for your InfoCDB account and want your data, email support before your subscription expires, and we will arrange to provide you with CSV files of your data.
Q: How do I upgrade?
A:A single user hosted account can be upgraded to a multi-user account by contacting support.
Q: What is your Privacy policy?
A:We will not pass any of your details to anyone else. We do not send random marketing emails to personal email addresses. If you have already been in contact with us, we may contact you with information related to the products and services we provide.
We take all reasonable precautions to protect any data you provide in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1998.
Q: What support do you provide?
A: To provide InfoCDB as a low cost product we provide a support website where you can log in and view existing information, leave messages and read our response, or via emails to support.
We can provide other support options for an additional charge. Please email support for details.
Q: I've forgotten my password/User ID?
A: If you have forgotten your password there is a link on the logon screen to request a new password.
As the password is stored as a 'salted' cryptographic hash of the password, we cannot recover your original password. A new system generated password will be issued.
To attempt to avoid malicious requests, we first check the email address you provide is registered with an active account, then we send an email for you to confirm the password change request.
The password change request has to be confirmed within a certain time, so please ensure you have access to the email account before you request a new password.
If you have forgotten your User ID you need to provide other information to ensure we protect your data. You would have been sent a 'Welcome to InfoCDB' email when you signed up that contained an Account ID and other data. We strongly advise you to print or otherwise keep the details in that email. Without that data we may not be able to find the correct account.
PLEASE NOTE: storing that data in your InfoCDB account WITHOUT another record elsewhere would be pretty dumb!
Relying ONLY on your email account for storing this information is also risky. Email accounts can be taken over, and then you would lose access to you InfoCDB account, in the process giving your access details to the hacker!

Page updated 18 November 2015