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Here are some simple guides to get you started using InfoCDB.

If you would like to see some more information please let us know.

How to add an Organisation record.

A new Organisation record can be created from the Desktop or the Organisations page.
Click on the 'New' button. A small window will be displayed to allow you to enter a name for the Organisation.
The name can be the same as an existing Organisation, however it is sensible to differentiate records by name to make it easier to select the correct record. Possibly add a city/location or business type to the Organisation name.
The record is not created until you click the 'Save' button.
A 'Cancel' button is available to cancel the operation.

Once the 'Save' button is clicked and the record is created, the Organisation record is displayed in edit mode to allow more details to be entered.

How to add a Contact Record.

A Contact record can be created fron the Desktop or the Contacts Page. Click on the 'New' button. A small window will be displayed to allow you to enter a Contact name. You can enter a First Name and a Last Name or jusr one name.

The record is not created until you click the 'Save' button.
You can 'Cancel' the operation if necessary.
A Contact record can be linked to an Organisation record.

How to add a User

Users can have one of several 'Roles':

  • Manager
  • Admin
  • User
  • Guest

Managers and Admin users can create new Users. The Manager has the additional capability to add a User to a 'Group', see Groups.

An InfoCDB account is created with a Manager as the first user, so that the addition of users is under your control. Each account has an agreed maximum number of users. The maximum number of users can be changed on request.

To add a User go to 'Tools' -> Users/User Details -> New
Enter the user's name and email address. Select the 'Role' from the drop down box.
When you click 'Add User' a system generated password is created and sent to the email address you entered.
The user can change their password, should they desire, when they log in.

How to manage 'My Preferences'

There are a number of personal preferences you can set to tailor the way InfoCDB appears to you.
The preferences are accessed by clicking on your email address in the top right of the screen.
You can change:

  • Your timezone
  • The date format
  • The language the calendar uses to display the day and month names
  • The default Calendar display period - month or week
  • The Calendar start day
  • The Work week start day
  • The Diary Day start hour, for the Day display
  • Latest notes at top or bottom when displaying Top Level Records
  • Brief or Full display of Top Level Record details.
  • The Contact name format - first name first or last.
  • The time delay before your Password Crypt passphrase needs re-entering
  • If outstanding tasks should be emailed to you first thing in the morning
  • Which email address to use to send the tasks list to
  • Which Cascading Style sheet to use
All these changes only affect your display. Each item will be saved when you make a change to that item.

How to control access via the 'Groups' feature.

You can limit access to certain records by using the 'Groups' feature.
If a record has been added to a particular 'Group', only users that are also a member of that 'Group' can view the record.

You can see which groups you belong to by going to 'Tools' -> 'My Groups'.
Clicking on a particular 'group name' will show who else is a member of that group.

Records and users can be members of many groups. A user only needs to be a member of one group to have access to the records in that group.

Only a Manager can create a Group or add a User to a Group.
You can also limit a user to just read access to any particular group.

If you are a member of a group, you can add a record to that group.
However only a Manager can remove a record from a group.

The Groups function is also used to control what a 'Guest' user can access. See the Guest section for more details.


The 'Guests' feature allows you to invite someone who is not a user to access parts of your InfoCDB account.

A Guest user has to be added to a 'Group' otherwise they will not be able to see any records.
Create a new group and make the guest a member of that group. Then add to that group the records that you wish the guest to be able to access. Add yourself to that group as well.