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When the mouse cursor is over a diary entry additional details are displayed, as shown in the sample diary picture.
Click on the Filter button to limit the displayed items to one of the types show, or by alphabetical selection.

InfoCDB Screenshots

InfoCDB provides a central location to store information about Organisations and Contacts as well as your interactions with them using Notes and Comments.


The Desktop provides an overview of Organisations, Contacts, Diary entries, your Tasks and Knowledge Base items. The Shared Files/Folders are also shown.
A sample Desktop is shown below.


The Organisations view provdes an overview of the organisations. A 'filter' options allows you to reduce the organisations displayed.
A sample Organisations view is shown below:


The Contacts view provdes an overview of your contacts.
A sample Contacts view is shown below:

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge base lists more details about Knowledge Base items.
A sample Knowledge Base view is shown below:


The Diary show your appointments and tasks etc. There are Month view, Week view and Day view options.
A sample Month view Diary is shown below:

Organisation Page

The Organisation page shows brief details for one Organisation along with Notes and Comments linked to this Organisation, and in the right pane, Contacts, Documents and Tasks related to this Organisation. An image or a file can also be stored with a Note as can be seen below.