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Terms and Conditions

Use of the InfoCDB application and web site are governed by these Terms and Conditions.
By using the InfoCDB application and web site you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


In a nutshell - don't use the InfoCDB application or website to do, or try to do anything illegal, immoral or criminal in nature.

You must be at least 18 years old to create an account with InfoCDB.

You must maintain a valid email address at all times. This is the only information we require about you. If we cannot contact you via the email address on your account, your account will be locked. After 30 days, or earlier at our discretion, your account will be deleted.


We are very careful about the security of your data on our systems.
Access to the InfoCDB application is via a User ID and password. You are required to keep your password private, and NOT to share it with any other person. If you consider your password to be compromised, you can request a new password to be issued.
All passwords are stored in our databases as a 'salted' cryptographic hash of the original password. Your original password is not stored anywhere in our databases.

Consequential Loss

InfoCentrality Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss incurred by a company or individual should the InfoCDB service be unavailable, or in the event of any data loss. All reasonable precautions are taken by Infocentrality to provide the service and to keep copies of your data. Should you consider your use of the InfoCDB application to be 'Mission Critical' you would be expected to have in place an additional agreement with InfoCentrality Ltd to extend the normal backup and disaster recovery procedures.


You are required to maintain your account in credit.
You will be notified by email 7 days before the end of the credit period, and it is your responsibility to ensure your account is credited in good time.
Should your account not be in credit we reserve the right to disable access to your account.
Should your account not be in credit for a period of 30 days or more, we will terminate the agreement and delete the account and any data associated with the account.


Should you wish to stop using the InfoCDB application, you only need to contact us by email. No further payment will be taken. No refunds on monthly paid accounts will be made.

Bandwidth Usage

This application is not intended as a total backup solution. A File upload feature is provided with a maximum file size limited to 50Mbytes. This will cause a larger file to fail to upload, and may also cause excessive bandwith usage. In the event of excessive bandwidth usage we reserve the right to impose an additional charge for any bandwidth usage over the nominal amount.

InfoCDB Terms and Conditions Version 1.1. November 2018.
These Terms and Conditions may be updated as required. Notification of any significant change will be sent by email to the person who created the InfoCDB account.